Los Angeles, California, USA -  February 21, 2004


Ashura Program begins in Assadiq Foundation


     As Muharram 1425 approached, the followers of Ahlul-bait all over the world commenced the annual commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein [a]. People gather each night for either ten nights or a month, and listen to Islamic lectures and mourn for Imam Hussein. This year Ayatollah Al-Qazwini commemorated Ahura at the Assadiq Foundation in Los Angeles, California. Ayatollah Al-Qazwini commemorates Ahura every year a the Assadiq Foundation. Ayatollah first begins the program with a lecture on the meaning of Ahura and Imam Hussein, and then mourns for him at the end of his lecture. Then Ayatollah Sayid Fadhil Milani lectures after him about Imam Hussein, and then the lecture is followed by latmiya and a majlis recited by Hajj Osama Al-Attar. Insha'allah this Ahura will be a great occasion and successful in sending the message of Imam Hussein in which he was martyred for.