Karbala, Iraq -  April 10, 2004


Office of Ayatollah Al-Qazwini denies claims of Al-Manar television network


     The office of Ayatollah Al-Qazwini denies the claims of Al-Manar arabic television network on Wednesday April 7. The television network had mistakenly claimed that Ayatollah Sayid Mortadha Al-Qazwini had died as he was caught between the combat of the Americans and the followers of Sayid Moqtada Al-Sadr in Iraq. The network had mixed up Sayid Mortadha Al-Mosawi, an assistant to Sayid Moqtada Al-Sadr, with Ayatollah Al-Qazwini and it was not the Ayatollah that was killed.

     The conflict between the followers of Al-Sadr and the coalition forces has become very fierce and dangerous, and many have died in Karbala and other parts of Iraq. Ayatollah Al-Qazwini calls for all the followers of Al-Sadr to settle down and to try to work for peace. Since the Arba'in of Imam Hussein is underway, millions of people have arrived in Karbala to visit Imam Hussein, and many people can get caught in between the struggle therefore leading to the loss of many innocent lives. As Ayatollah Al-Qazwini stated, violence never brings peace, and it is not for our best interest to start violence now. We ask Allah to help bring stability and  peace to Iraq and to protect Ayatollah Al-Qazwini and all the Iraqi people especially as they visit the shrines of the holy Imams.