Najaf, Iraq  -  November 17, 2004


Ayatollah Al-Qazwini meets with Grand Ayatollah Sistani


     On Wednesday November 17, Ayatollah Al-Qazwini visited the holy city of Najaf which hosts the shrine of Imam Ali. His eminence visited the shrine of Imam Ali and then met with Grand Ayatollah Sayid Ali Al-Sistani. Ayatollah Al-Qazwini has previously met with Al-Sistani many times. The Ayatollah sat with Al-Sistani for about 35 minutes, and spoke during the meeting about the situations in Iraq. Ayatollah Al-Qazwini mentioned the massacres that take place each week in a city between Karbala and Baghdad, Latifia, in which radical Sunni's have been killing, slaughtering, and decapitating the bodies of Shi'a Iraqis that transport between Karbala and Baghdad. Ayatollah Al-Sistani mentioned that it is the responsibility of the government to deal and control the crimes that are occurring in Latifia, and the Shi'a clerics will not fall in the trap of the radical Sunni'signiting a sectarian civil war in Iraq. He also said that it won't be too long before the evildoers and oppressors taste a dose of their own medicine.

Ayatollah Al-Qazwini also visited Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sa'eed Hakim and Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir Al-Najafi during his trip to the holy city of Najaf.