Karbala, Iraq  -  November 18, 2004


Ahlul-Bait University commemorates third annual demise of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi


     On Wednesday night, November 17, the third annual commemoration of the demise of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi was held in Ahlul-Bait International University located in Karbala. Ayatollah Al-Qazwini was the main speaker during the commemoration. He spoke about his long and close relationship he had with Grand Ayatollah Shirazi that lasted more for more than fifty years. Ayatollah Al-Qazwini also spoke about the noble characters of Al-Shirazi, and his strong dedication to Islam and Ahlul-Bait. He emphasized the great concern and ability Al-Shirazi had about writing books, for he did write more than 1300 books and booklets.