Detroit, Michigan, USA  - January 8, 2009

Ashura 1430 - 2009 Program




As Muharram 1430 approached, people all over the world planned and prepared for lectures, majalis and Islamic rituals. The Islamic Center of America in Detroit and the Young Muslim Association also planned for Ashura programs. The Arabic program, at the Islamic Center, began each night with Qur'an recitation, then followed by a speech by Sayid Hassan Al-Qazwini in which he spoke about Imam Hussein's [a] revolution and the significance of Ashura.

The English Program was held by the Young Muslim Association also at the Islamic Center of America. Over 1500 - 2000 lovers of Imam Hussein came each night to the YMA to learn about Islam, Ashura and Imam Hussein [a]. The English Program began with the recitation of the holy Qur'an, and then was followed by a recitation of the daily majlis and mourning for Imam Hussein [a], his family and companions. The YMA invited the outspoken Sayid Mostafa Al-Qazwini as the English speaker this year for the Ashura Program for a second consecutive year. Sayid Mostafa Al-Qazwini spoke about all sorts of Islamic and social topics from Imam Hussein's revolution to forgiveness to marriage to other Islamic topics. The program concluded with English latmiya delivered by the brothers of the YMA. Praise to God this year's Ashura was a success as the legacy of Imam Hussein [a] was revived and his message was spread to many people seeking the truth.


Listen to Ashura 1430 - 2009 English Speeches




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